Our thoughts are with anyone affected by the bushfires


Just read that four people were found dead from the fires in St Andrews, and that Healsville is under threat. Hope everyone at St Andrews Bakery and Fruition is safe, and our thoughts are with anyone affected by these devastating fires.

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Jeremy 2009 February 11

Hey has anyone heard from all our bread bakin breatheren yet, ie. Graham, John Downes? And all the rest!


Hope your all safe and our hearts and prayers go out to ya!


Panevino 2009 February 11
Terrible devestation and loss. Hoping for the best possible outcome to this awful event. Please take care and hope to hear your voices soon. Maybe we could do a bake off for Austraalia and raise some dough.
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Graham 2009 February 12

Hi all. Thank you for your concerns and best wishes.

Iain Banfield from Fruition (Healesville, near the terrible Kinglake fires) has contacted me to say that the fires are some distance North of them, and his family's location will hopefully avoid the fires.

He passed on a text message from Linda Cunningham, who runs "Wild Crust" from an Alan Scott oven in Kinglake: "Hi saved all buildings and oven lost all wood no injuries no power but have generator thx for thinking of us".

It is good to hear some positive news. The horror of what has happened...including experienced people following fire plans and taking shelter...but this fire being too strong...is unimaginable.

lily 2009 February 12
Thanks for the good news Graham.  It gives us a chance to draw breathe.  Doing bread deliveries this morning I came across the tin of Yarra Valley Dairy Persian Feta which has a map on it placing the dairy squarely in the area badly affected by the fire.  I expect reminders of the week's tragedy will continue to touch us as the products of these industrious communities remain in circulation.  May there be many more tales of hope. 
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Wet 2009 February 17
I think down town St Andrews is ok (parts were affected), the small town of Strathewen next door is gone...

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