Norwich Sourdough - Hamster style (attempt number one)

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I deceded to have a go at the Norwich Sourdough (as beautifully baked by mlucas):

My starter is a rye / unbleached white mix, until I buy one of the excellent granite slabs, I don't have a baking stone...just an annoying pizza thing, but at least it's glazed.

I halved the amount and baked two smaller loaves....all went well, I think, although I had two different results by allowing one to sit out of the fridge for about an hour. The spring wasn't nearly as dramatic, although it did look quite shiny and cute (albeit a bit flatter).

The crumb on the first one looks fab, but I haven't looked at the second one yet.


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rudehamster 2010 April 13

Yeah, the one that was baked directly from the fridge bounced high and looked a little lop-sided.

I'd wrapped it in a floured towel over night, didn't spray it with water before baking and gave it two slashes, as per the recipe. The crumb, as you see was open and the taste was quite sour and very nice indeed.

The other one, was in a lined banneton and hasn't risen any more than it's friend when i removed it, but it did rise and soften in the hour that I had it out in the kitchen. When I rolled it onto the peel it looked a little flatter and didn't seem at all impressed that I sprayed it, poppy-seeded it and slashed it three times, in quick succession. In it went.

I sprayed it a few times in the first 10 mins, and it looked pretty but a bit depressed.

The crumb is tighter, but it's still a nice small loaf. It's now lounging in my freezer, ready for the ultimate in humiliation...lunch.

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Karniecoops 2010 April 18

They look fabulous Hamster, that recipe is a great one to start with.  Always produces a cracking loaf!  You've got my stomach rumbling now ............. might have to go and refresh my starters and make some bread tomorrow!


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