No Bee' polination..? No FLOUR ...? No Baking..?


zarniwhoop 2011 September 20

Your link is broken.  Normally, I wouldn't respond to you (much as I might agree with a lot of your agenda, I don't come here for politics), but the only possible response to your headline is to quote Arthur Dent: "So this is it, we're all going to die".


For some reason, I can't find a link to the original scripts, so look at the start of scene 2 in this pastiche But seriously, if the bees do die out, not being able to bake bread will be among the least of our problems, a little behind "no beer" :-(



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farinam 2011 September 20

Do bees pollinate wheat?  If they do, why can't I buy wheat honey?  I'm sure it would be easier to source than leatherwood /;-{)}


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