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Ian Abendschoen

First in foremost hello to all, I am really aspiring to change the way of living in my area and open a storefront. My backround was grown thru family deli/bakery my enitre life as I set out to be a chef I became a bread fanatic of sorts and really want to change the outlook of poor quality local to my area over commercial and low quality ingredients. My home breads are made from my liquid levain mainly and some poolish methods. I have just started utilizing brotforms and a lame versus growing up baking low hydrated doughs and proofboxes and slashing easily with razorblades into tight doughs. Im posting up few photographs and welcoming all comments. thanks in advance!


left is a poolish boule, right is made with levain, cinnamon,clove,cranberry,allspice and white choc. chips


liquid levain loafs with rye,whole wheat and milled flax


This mornings run at 65% Hydration

Overnight fermentation in the fridge

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