Need help naming that bread from Feast Restaurant in Jersey


Hi everyone

I know this is a reeeal longshot, but the reasons I got into making bread is a tried a 'Ciabatta' as a starter (with dips) at Feast in Jersey. I never asked the chef what the bread was and I have always wished I had. On the online menu its just a 'Ciabatta and dips'.

I think it was a seriously good 'Ciabatta Integrale' after reading around on various bread making resources on the web, but if anyone has eaten there and knows what it is would you please put me out of my misery and tell me so I can get practising this and get it in my home and belly where it belongs! 

Seriously it was the nicest bread I have ever eaten.

Thanks so much!

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Cielkaye 2012 April 2

The same thing happened to me. The best bread I ever tasted was at a restaurant called Simone's. I did email them and they never responded, but almost every time I have asked for information people have been very generous with information. Give it a go.

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