My Sourdough

Sourdough 'Ølands'wheat
Sourdough 'Ølands'wheat
Organic semolina loafs with. fennel, sesame and sunflower seeds
whole wheat Loafs I did a couple of years back.
Small rolls i do for breakfast at the hotel i work at.


I'm a Chef From Denmark and an obssesed home baker. I'm new to the site but love the kind people and all who's striving for great bread. We have a big problem in Denmark. Pretty much all bakers have the same idea of what great bread is...! That's bread made with all commercial yeast, poor ingredients, short fermentation, proofing time, and a soft bake, which most of you in this forum know, leads to poor taste, poorer keeping abillities and poor health. My dream is to one day try to turn that around. We have a great bread culture, and a few really great bakeries that are leading the way. But it sadens to see bread of so poor quality, expecialy when they call themselves (artisan bakers). The bakeries are closing all over the country because no one wants to buy tasteless bread.

Here's some pic's of the bread i do, an strive to get better at. Most of my bread is pure sourdough, but all my breads contain natural levain in them.


hope to share some idea's,

happy bakin'




Wholewheat Sourdough with 10% rye and sunflowerseeds


Ølands'wheat sourdough




Organic semolina loafs with fennel, sesame, and sunflower seeds.


Some loafs i did a couple of years back.


Some rolls I do for breakfast at Hotel i work at. 

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mozzie 2011 November 4

I'll be interested to see your pictures, so try this. ..


image software (whatever came with your camera or for Windows, Irfanview or Photoscape - these are free and probably have support paa dansk)

When you have the photo showing, there is a Resize function somewhere. this is Irfanview

You can then set the size (choose about 500 pixels). Then just paste it in, Ctrl V works fine.


If you are on Mac, I can't help! But someone will.


GraemeH 2011 November 5

 Hi Mikkel,

To resize images on a Mac, try this .....

Open the image in Preview, then from the menu bar under the "Tools" option, choose "Adjust Size".

Or, if the image opens in iPhoto, choose "File" from the menu bar and select "Export".

You'll be given options to save the image in whatever size and fomat you wish - probably "Small" or "Medium" (500 pixels wide is good) at 72 dpi then save it to your desktop would be easiest.

If you have problems, let me know :-)



mozzie 2011 November 7

Øland wheat ... is this your local wholemeal flour?

You baked the bread in the first few at home? The last two look more like a"professional" kitchen.

Anyway - thanks!

Kjqolhede 2011 November 8


Ølandshvede (wheat), is an ancient wheat that originally comes from an island called Øland in Sweden. We have a great mill in the north of Denmark called Aurion, that only grow organic flour, and they sell it strait from the mill. It tates great expecially if you make sourdough loafs with it. Yes it's wholemeal, I usually put 20% in all my sourdough loafs because it adds so much depth to the bread.


The first two i baked at home and the last two i did at the hotel I work at. I'm in charge of the bread at the hotel, and we bake everything from sourdough, ryebread, baguettes... and so on.





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