my crust breaks



hey guys

my crust break in a funny way - sideways - all the side breaks together.

these are 100% spelt sourdough breads.

prefarment for 8-10 hours, proving three times: 1 and a half H, 45 M, 45 M.

baking - 10 M 240 degreeas, 45 M 200 degrees.

the bread is fantastic but the crust is awkward.

thanx for any help.

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YeastcoastBakers 2012 August 6

I am a new member here but after looking at the picture of your bread it looks like you only need to score the top of your loaf so that it has room to expand without cracking.

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farinam 2012 August 6

Hello Omerke,

The texture of your loaf looks a bit 'cakey' to me so I am wondering whether you have developed the dough properly.  I know that spelt has a lower gluten content than wheat flour but I would have thought it should have been enough to get a reasonable crumb structure.

Another possibility is that the skin (crust) of your loaf is drying/setting too quickly after going into the oven.  Then, when internal expansion does start, there is nowhere to go until the crust fails.  This often occurs at a line of weakness which can reside at a fold in the dough if the loaf is not shaped properly.

If you haven't read it already, I would recommend Sourdom's Beginners Blog on this site.  Although he concentrates on untinned loaves, the same principles apply before you put the loaf into the tin for proving.

Hope this helps.  Let us know how you go.


omerke 2012 August 7

thanx farinam

ill try folding a few more time and maybe some more tin proving. it's very hot here so the deference between proper proving and over proving is very delicate. 

ive noticed that the oven door wasnt totaly closed, fixed it and that helped - even though the crumb still breaks - it does it even and lovely and not from the side.

there shouldnt be a big difference in gluten content - the bread, by the way, is delicious.


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