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I'm an avid sourdough maker in Perth (getting better and better thanks to this site and Yoke Mardewi's books) and am heading over to Melbourne this weekend.  Any recommendations of a good bakery that produces true sourdough in the city?  I'd love to see what I should be aiming for!





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panfresca 2011 October 18

...would be Dench bakery in North Fitzroy, and Baker D Chirico in St Kilda, but I'm sure others will add to that list. They are certainly two of the best, but not the only ones.

Enjoy your time here, and let's know your impressions!

robatt 2011 October 20

Dench certainly and lovely friendly service - coffee is good too, D Chirico is maybe even better and they now have a second outlet opened last weekend in Faraday Street Carlton but I haven't tried it yet. Noisette in Port Melbourne is also pretty good. A nice alternative is maybe a cafe like Pure Itlaian in Belmore Rd North Balwyn where they cook beautifully, sell Noisette bread and their coffee is from Cafe Romeo (very good) but they can be crowded and the range of bread is limited (they are just a few metres from Rendinas if you also happen to want to buy top organic meat). Babka also in Brunswick Street Fitzroy has very good bread but maybe the coffee is not as good as Pure Italian. Isn't life great when you have choices like these!

andrewd 2011 October 20

I'll second panfresca's recommendations and put in a plug for the place I work, Sourdough Kitchen in Seddon. The smoked chicken sandwich on pumpkin bread is fantastic. And a sourdough croissant is the breakfast of champions. I should know ;)

Hope to see you there.



Chefinthecity 2011 October 20

New to Melbourne, get down the market on the weekend and find Breads Etc stall 42, only been open for 3/4 months specialising in only sourdough including weekend special. Also great foodie atmosphere you can browse around the market, great fruit and veg, coffee and much more.

Beanie 2011 October 21
If you can make it out to the Yarra Valley head towards Healesville, there's a great winery/restaurant in town that has an amazing sourdough bakery attached! The coffee is fantastic with the beans all roasted and ground in house. The bakery is open so you can see the bakers working and ask them questions. They do a great range of artisan breads and pastries as well as cakes and tarts. It can get busy around lunch time on weekends so breakfast is the best time especially as the bread is often still being baked and smells amazing!! 336 Maroondah Hwy Healesville

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