Long bulk prove question


I've just mixed some dough and now have to go away for two days so I wont be able to bake it till then.


I plan on putting it into the fridge for this time but wonder if it will be still OK to do the final prove in 48hours?



I'm going to give it a go anyway but does anyone know what are the chances of this working ?

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mpwalkup 2012 June 18

 I was just wondering the same thing.  I do a slow rise with sourdough pizza dough all the time and it works great for that but I haven't tried it with bread loaves.  I have been wanting to try it but haven't gotten up the nerve.  Please let me know how it goes.  I'll be very curious.  Good luck.

Robear 2012 June 19

I got around to baking this dough today. The recipe was the standard Pane Francese one.


It didnt rise too much in the final prove despite being left to prove for five hours at around 20c. When baked it split all over the place as if it was still underproved but the poke test left a lasting indentation in it before it went in the oven. The crumb wasn't too bad but not one of my better loaves thats for sure.


It tasted OK though. Anyway, will put a few piccies below to show how it turned out.


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