Live video from Companion Bakery

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Currently streaming live video from Companion Bakery, in Oatlands, Australia.

This is a trial, so there are no structured events yet, and there will be breaks in the broadcast while we play with settings. Also we can not broadcast while school groups are attending. Graham

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Graham 2012 June 7

Waiting on a long firewire cable to get close to the action (and maybe some scenic shots of Callington Mill in sunrise...beautiful). Also working on activities for non-baking times. Graham 

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Old Possum 2012 June 8

I'm going to blow my download limits if I'm not careful. I could just sit here and watch it all day. The current angle into the fired oven is great as I can finally get a sense of the size and height of the oven. Congratulations on a spectacular innovation. I'm sure it will be enormously popular.

Robear 2012 June 8

Ha, I spent way too much time watching this today!

What a great resource. Feels like you are in the room as the resolution is excellent.

Your new baker seems to be turning out some very good bread. Love being able to hear the tapping and see how the oven is worked.

Just a shame it was just a fraction too late to also see Cynthia bake.

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Graham 2012 June 9

Yes it is such a shame that we missed Cynthia with this technloogy. Cynthia is coming back to OZ in the next few months and has left her big bag here. I won't give her bag back unless she agrees to do a bake or two.

Our new baker is enjoyable to work with. Being entirely hands on is always a bit stressful, so she is coping well. Graham

Robear 2012 June 9

Ha Ha, yeah... no bake, no bag for Cynthia. Thats fair :)


I can see how it could be quite stressful learning to operate a sourdough bakery. There's deadlines to meet and timing is pretty important, not to mention all the nuances of a changing baking environment.


And then there are all the little things one has to learn. Like when Graham checks the bread for "lightness" , as an adjunct to the tap method to see if the bread is baked properly.


A trainee baker must have their head spinning till they get into a routine!



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