light rye bread

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Does anyone have a good reliable recipe for a light rye sourdough - something like Czech-style?

There's a recipe on Wild Yeast but she uses some commercial yeast and I would prefer 100% sourdough. Any ideas for how to convert the recipe?

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farinam 2012 November 7

Hello wishfish,

On the basis that most recipes use about 500g flour with 180g to 200g of 100% starter and most similar yeasted recipes use 20g fresh or 7g dry, I just use that substitution (pro rata for the flour and yeast called for).  Then you adjust your recipe flour and liquid to compensate for what is in the starter.  Your bulk ferment and proof times will be longer of course and you will have to play that by ear (if you don't already) . It shouldn't vary much from what you are used to unless it is a rich dough with lots of sugar/fats/eggs.

Good luck with your projects.


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Alvaremj 2012 November 8

I agree. You should just be able to use 20% - 40% or so of the flour in a sourdough preferment. I use a recipie with 35% rye 65% bread flour with good results. Rising times vary wildly depending on the starter, temperature, flour type etc. Playing it by ear is the best way if you ask me.



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