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I have been baking for a bit over six months. I posted a while back that buying a rolling pin to gently roll the dough before shaping and taking a lot more care in shaping was giving me much better shaped finished loaves. I then plateaued for a while. I was still bugged that my loaves were generally flatter than bought sourdough and had a slightly floury/doughy taste and sometimes texture. I suspected that this was a side-effect of a non-knead method, not not kneading meant the dough didn't develop sufficient gluten structure to hold its shape in the oven and under-developed dough retained a slight floury taste. So I bit the bullet and kneaded my last two loves for 20 mins, 10 before the salt and 10 after and... presto! Much taller final loaf with a breadier flavour and texture. I'm nto sure that my logic is correct, but it seems to make sense...




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farinam 2012 August 11

Hello Redrich,

I seem to recall telling you it would come good in the end.

Onwards and upwards.


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