Latest loaf! It came out great this time.

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A good sourdough bread should open like a flower.
Un bon pain au levain doit s’ouvrir comme une fleur.


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SteveTwigg 2013 April 27

Looks great.  My first came out 10 minutes ago.  It doesn't quite look like that but I'm sure it will taste OK.  Refrigerated for 24 hours for 1st and 2nd lot.  My 2nd batch should go in the oven in about an hour.  Fingers crossed!

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Hugo 2013 April 27

80g fresh starter at 100% hydration
100g pure water
60g spelt flour
40g whole wheat flour

(sponge rising: 5h at room temperature)

280g sponge from previous step
240g pure water
60g whole wheat flour
350g organic white flour (high protein)
10g salt

I used a short rising time (antolyse+3h30) and an 8h slow fermentation in the fridge.

I’ve made this recipe 5 or 6 times, with variations; it’s a safe and easy one. The texture is very soft with a crunchy crust. Spelt really softens the dough, which would be much more elastic otherwise due to the white flour. Whole wheat is heavy but adds some richness. This loaf is very balanced and everyone love its open crust, stunning "exploded" look, nice texture and subtle taste.


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CHRISGREEN1066 2013 April 27

Hi Hugo,

Great looking loaf. Two questions :-

1) Do you know if whole wheat flour is the same as wholemeal flour ? I am in the UK and I have a feeling that our equivalent is "Wholemeal Flour". This may have been covered in previous forum entries ??

2) When you say Organic White Flour (High Protein) is this strong bread flour ?? Sorry if the questions seem a bit daft but I have yet to learn some of the subtle differences in flour. Thanks Chris

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