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Spud 2013 November 9

Not sure why I've managed to put two lots of photo's on, well 1.5 really sorry


cheers Spud



farinam's picture
farinam 2013 November 10

Hi Spud,

Great bread by the way.

The thing is the system seems to use the first photo that you post to fill a header panel and that is why you get that half shot.  I think it only happens that way on some sections of the site.  Go figure.

Good luck with your projects.


Darwin 2013 November 10

Spud those look good to me, well done to you.  ;)

If that was my bread one of those would have been sliced by now.  I know it's wrong, but I pull the butter out to soften once I turn on the oven.  Not much better in life than a few slices of warm bread and butter right out of the oven.

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