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Thanks for all the wonderful photos over the last couple of days, beautiful!

Just a note that there is now an easier way to upload photos into posts, rather than storing them first in the Gallery or other photo hosting site.

Now when you are creating a recipe, blog or forum topic, simpy use the Photo field located beneath the text editor. This field lets you instantly upload your photos, and then insert them anywhere into your post by using the 'Send to text area' button. (When uploading a recipe, it is not required to use the 'Send to text area' button for the photos to show in the post).

The Photo field is not yet available in Comments, but will be in the near future. The Gallery is still reccomended for uploading photos into comments, and uploading photos that may not be suitable for featuring within posts.

Just comment below if you have any questions.

All the best,

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CaperAsh 2011 April 8

I cannot see the Photo Field, only the image with mountain and sun and it wants a URL.


I cannot find anywhere either instructions or menu pointing to the gallery that is mentioned.


In short: how does one include a photo in a comment?


great forum. thanks.

3petitspains 2011 April 14



you cannot upload photos in the comments (yet)


i think the gallery is under the photos heading (at the top of the page)



TedinOz 2011 April 10

 To add images when using a text box like this, you need some uploader software like http://imageshack.us/.

This when installed on your system gives you the ability to upload and then provides the URL needed when you click on the mountains (Insert/Edit Image). This can simply be added using cut and paste and viola!, the image is added to your message.

3petitspains 2011 April 14

 hi maedi


as i have a very slow internet connection - this interests me a lot


the thing that stops me reading and contributing more to the forums is the size of many of the posts (with photos in them)

so I just wanted to ask whether the photo upload tool reduces the image size to something reasonable?

if not - would it be possible to encourage people to reduce the resolution of their images before uploading?




just testing the link to image thingy:


birthday cake

this is a cake I made recently for a friends birthday

decorations from _wacky cookies_ by Gerhard Jenne and Jonathan Lovekin



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Maedi 2011 April 14

Hey everyone

To answer your questions. What I mentioned in the first post only currently applies to comments in the Recipes section. Uploading photos using the 'upload field' will be coming to other sections of the site in the near future ( I can't wait either ). Until then you do have to store your image somewhere else on the internet and then use the mountain add image button instead. You can upload photos to our Gallery first then link, but as I intend for people to upload photos through comments rather than in photo albums in the future, I haven't made the link to the Gallery widely accesible, but it is a treasure trove of amazing pics! (all photos in the Gallery will eventually move over to the Photos section and appear on your profiles)

Regarding the image size prob, yes images will be rized so that they are smaller than what the author uploaded, if the user uploads the photo directly through the website.


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