...is it ready for baking?


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Old Possum 2011 October 24

Hi Laura,

Sounds like your starter is ready for baking. Definitely needs more feeding. If baking, then feed it twice (say before bed and next morning and then make bread when it has doubled the next time. Feed your remaining starter and put in fridge until you need to bake again then repeat the two feed regime to fire it up ready for the next loaf. Happy baking.

lakoivu 2011 October 24

 That is great news! I'll get it started then 

I should be using the starter at its peak (so 6 hours-ish into rising for me) am I correct?

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Midnite Baker 2011 October 24

Hi, yes, use your starter at its peak.  You may find that your bulk ferment will have about a 6 hour rise time. If you feed your starter every 12 hours, you might find that your double time will be shorter.  I just revived my starter.  It now doubles and more in 4 hours. I use a 100% hydration.      

You don't need this info right now, but bookmark it or download it for vfuture reference. I find these formulas very helpful from farinam.  Let us know how your 1st loaf came out.  M

Hydration spreadsheet  http://sourdough.com/blog/hydration-calculating-spreadsheet

Starter/Levian Building Spreadsheet  http://sourdough.com/blog/starterlevain-building-spreadsheet










robin 2011 October 25

 I read a great bit of advice in Tartine Bread by Chad Robertson (my bread-making bible).  He says the leaven is ready to use when it floats in room temp water.  Just drop a teaspoon full of the leaven in the water and if it floats, it's ready to go.  (Robertson's leaven is 1 Tablespoon starter with 200 g warm water, 200 g flour, so 100% hydration, left to rise overnight.)  I wasn't getting much oven spring until I read this and I've been making great bread ever since.  Wish someone had told me earlier!

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