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I'm new to the forum but have been cultivating my first sourdough starter and have been running it fairly successfully for 2 months now.  My questiosn, and forgive me if youve already answered this another time, is what do i do withit when i go away in a few months time. I've asked around to see if anyone is willing to feed it whilst I'm away but have just been faced with looks of horror!

Is there a way i can slow it down sufficienty to not need a feed for two weeks without killing it?

Thanks from a total beginner.


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farinam 2013 April 14

Hi yaz,

If it is only for two weeks, then there should be no problem just leaving it in the fridge.  I have left mine for a month like that and after two feeds it was back up and running.  I am sure it would be possible to leave longer as mostly the yeasts and bacteria merely become dormant when there is no food around.

It is also possible to put some into the freezer as an insurance and a third possibility is to dry some out.  You just need to spread a thin layer out on some baking paper and leave until it is completely dry and then store the flakes in an airtight container.  You could also put that in the freezer just to be sure.

So, one, some or all of the above are available to you and besides, if it does expire for some reason, it is only a couple of weeks to get a new one going again.

Good luck with your projects.


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