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New to your forum, so here goes:  I've been creating olive sourdough using Nancy Silverton's book for years, and follow her recommendations to a tee.  I now have time and patience to analyze the issues.  I use Power Flour, a high gluten product from Pendelton, OR.  The olives are well drained and dried prior to adding.  All goes well until its removed from the proofing basket.  The dough becomes flabby when allowed to reach 58F, typically 2-3 hours out of the frig.  So there are minimal holes, and lacks the final burst desired while baking.  The crumb is great, and chewy due to the gluten flour, but not perfect.  HELP.

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farinam 2013 November 11

Hello tigrato,

Sounds like a classic case of over-proving,  It's a bit hard to be exact without more detail of what has gone on before but one thing I would try would be to bake after (say) no more than an hour out of the fridge.  Take it out when you turn the oven on.  This is what I do after a retard and it works fine.

You have to keep in mind that things do not stop happening in the fridge, they just slow down.  All of that time in the fridge counts as part of your proof.

Good luck with your projects.


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