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The quasi-starter has now gone, and I've managed to find unbleached flour (yipppeee!) so I've started to follow the instructions on making my own starter. However, I now have a problem:

Refreshments today (day 2) and days 3-6 are achievable, but I'm being sent on a work course for the next two days (which would be days 7 & 8) and I'd be back sometime next saturday (day 9). I'm not trusting anyone with my new pet while I'm away, and I can't really take the starter with me in a little jar and nurse it to health in my hotel room, so what do I do?

Is it okay to leave it in the fridge on the evening of day 6 and then restart when I get back?




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LeadDog 2010 March 14

 Yes.  Anytime you can't feed your starter just put it in the fridge it will slow all activity down to almost a standstill.

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rudehamster 2010 March 15

Thanks. I thought as much but really didn't want to chance it so early on in it's career as 'new pet', lest it had to follow its predecessor down the toilet bowl.

Fridge-bound it is then, and I'll follow the warm-up and feed routine on my return.

I have to say this is easier than keeping a kitten.



Postal grunt 2010 March 15

Wait until you face the conundrum of whether to name your new "pet" or not. Don't be traumatized if you can't find the right name for a while.

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rudehamster 2010 March 16

Oh, it's going to be named. But I need to get a decent name that suits it. Edward is out, as is Myrtle, Kylie and Darren.

Watch this space.


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