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After weeks of expirementing and following the wealth of advice on this website and some books . I am really happy with my most recent effort and thought I would post a few photos.


The taste great, I think I need to work on making soure the stone is really hot and ge them of the baking paper onto the stone as the bottom was a bit soft.


enjoy and thanks for all the advice and help

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rossnroller 2010 September 27

You should be pleased!

 BTW, when I use baking paper, I pull it out from under the loaf 15 minutes into the bake, when I also remove the steam tray and rotate the bread to keep the browning of the crust even. I find I can re-use the paper at least once more before it becomes too charred and brittle.


masterbaker 2010 September 30


Hey bakers!!!

Skip the whole paper thing.

Use cornmeal or semolina flour on your peel!!!!!

If you don´t have a peel--get one!!!!!

And make sure the baking stone is really hot.

Cornmeal/Semolina will prevent the dough from sticking and it gives fantastic flavour !!!

I only use paper if I have some special ingredients (cheese, chocolate, bacon..) in my dough!!

Peace, Rene

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Midnite Baker 2010 September 30

Very Nice looking bread!!  I started baking with sourdough at the beginning of 2010.

I have yet to achieve such a lovely loaf of bread as yours.  Congrats! 

I've  used cornmeal and flour - like the taste but hate the mess because some falls off

when the bread is cut.  Have used paper too - -  everyone has a personal preference.

rossnroller 2010 September 30

Hi Rene

I generally agree with your comments on using semolina etc on a peel instead of using baking paper, but for those of us, like me, who do not have brotformen and like to shape the dough and retard overnight in the fridge for baking next day, baking paper is very handy. It does have its place.


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Karniecoops 2010 September 30

I've used both as well, and like LD and Ross I reuse the baking paper until it turns to dust!  If I use baking paper I leave it in the whole baking time (good idea to remove it when rotating Ross) and haven't found I get a soft bottom (and I mean on my loaf ).  Your soft bottom might be more due to your stone not being hot enough.  Go for REAL hot!

Semolina is great to use even though it makes a  bit of a mess in your oven - but it's not that big a deal.

jeromeb 2010 October 1

Thanks to all for your helpful advice. Some new things to try, yes will will try getting the stone really hot before next bake . Had a feeling that might had something to do with it.


I have discovered the following things in my sourdough journey

1. Read the reciepe and then read it a gain to make sure you understand the process

2. Experiment

3. Less is more when it come to kneading

4. Go not by what the book says but how it feels and looks

5. Don't be impatient

6. Enjoy


7. Get used to your partner giving you weird looks when they catch you looking at pictures of bread on the web!


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