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Hi everyone!  Total noob here at making sourdough so forgive me.  I'm attempting my second loaf tomorrow (my first turned out horrible enough to stop a bullet) and everything turned out great except I just realized I forgot to add salt before I kneaded and placed it in the proving basket.  Is this going to completely ruin this loaf or is it salvageable?

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Elkhorn 2014 January 28

While salt omission will affect the flavor of the bread, it will still be eadible.  I have learned to sit the salt in a small bowl on the far edge of my kneading surface so I don't forget.


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farinam 2014 January 28

Hello donshizzles,

In Tuscany, they make their bread without salt because at some time in the Middle Ages the powers that be decided to put a tax on salt so the bakers flipped them the bird and said  - well we won't use salt then.  The burgers liked it and they haven't used salt since

Would have to say that the bread tastes a little bland to start with but like most things, after a while you get used to it.

By and large, the salt is a flavour thing though it does have some effects on the chemistry of gluten formation I believe.  In Oz, the bakers have to use iodised salt since there has been an increase in thyroidism since the use of iodine in dairy equipment sterilisation was banned.  Go figure!

Good luck with your Tuscan bread.


EcoGirl123 2014 June 23

I'm new to sourdough bread making myself and have only ever used 1/4 tsp of salt. I had no idea what role salt played in bread! And every loaf I've made has turned out well.

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