Finally a loaf to be proud of


After about 6 years playing with sourdough I have knuckled down in the past couple of months and have been trying different techniques, flours and timings and I produced a loaf I am proud of and wanted to share. It is a 50/50 whole wheat/white flour with 1/2 a cup of 5 grain mix at 70% hydration. I still need to work on my shaping but all that will come with practice.

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shasta 2012 November 19

Congratulations on your great looking loaf! Shaping can be a fun one to overcome. I know I still struggle with it sometimes.

Seaniz 2012 November 19

Very nice!! 70% hydration seems a bit low for a 50/50 mix I always have trouble closing my seams with such low hydration.

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