I've been using a razor blade held in my fingers for slashing my dough, but that's a bit tricky when the dough has just been turned into a red-hot crock - so I improvised and came up with a curved blade lame by fitting my blade onto an old style meat skewer.

What next? I think a dough scraper cut from a plastic Tupperware box!

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Madame de Fleur 2011 October 29

Razor blades on wooden skewers are par for the course, but your old-style metal meat skewer is a first for me! Looks good.

While I'm all for cost-cutting through improvisation, I'm not so sure about that Tupperware idea. Dough scapers are around $1.50, and I think even small Tupperware containers go for a lot more than that! But maybe yours has had the bomb or is of no use for some reason? :/>

Whatever, top marks for creative thinking!

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