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Hi all. 

I've prepared some ebooks which use recipes from Companion Bakery. There's two versions, one for home baking and one for commercial baking. The big difference being the size of the dough's. Recipes are otherwise the same so we can share experiences in this forum.

There's a light dough for batard, sticks, rolls, etc. Other doughs for fruit (using fresh or dried fruit) and rye, including an amazing spiced rye from South Tyrol..the best bread of its kind I have ever tasted. Also a version with cooked grains and sunflower seeds, along the lines of rugbrod.

Please post any ebook questions and observations here.

Thx! Graham

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shasta 2014 October 26

Hello Graham! nice to see your post about the books! Are the recipes in the book for home cooking expressed in weights or volume? I'm assuming the comerical version is in weights and or bakers percentages.



aka Shasta

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Graham 2014 October 30

Hi Shasta. I need to add you to the list of thank you's for keeping the sourdough forum active. Thanks!

Both books are in metric weights. I wanted to be able to easily work in bakers % to provide us with a better understanding of recipe structure. Makes quantity scaling much easier for me.

The home recipes are simply the commercial recipes scaled down from 10-15 loaves (850g) to 2 loaves.

The other difference is that commercial recipes provide the option of working with both 55% hydration and 75% hydration starters, whereas home recipes currently only have 55% starter recipes. I'll add 75% hydration starter recipes to home notes later today.

Originally these notes were promoting the benefits of using stiffer starter at home or in any smaller or less regular (than daily) baking situation. But it's good to have the choice of using a softer starter...so that will be included.

Finally there are very slight differences in the methods used, assuming that home bakers generally use hand mixing and domestic refrigeration (slower cooling when retarding). However a hand and machine mixing schedule is included with both home and commercial notes.

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shasta 2014 October 31

Thank you Graham. Like you, I'm a believer in a pholosphy of paying it forward by sharing what i've learned. Since I've learned so much here from you and the others, I'm happy to be able to my share here when I can.

Thanks for the information on the new books! I can see the value in both the books and look forward to checking them both out!

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Graham 2014 October 31


It's great catching up with people here..  

Have now updated home ebook to include 75% starter and recipes.

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