Dough won't rise!


After mixing and kneading my bread dough the first rise is ok. when I knead and shape the loaf and put it in the tin for final proving it just won't rise. What's going wrong? Please help, I'm fed up baking bricks!!

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farinam 2012 May 21

Hello yeasterday,

Love the name - by the way.

Perhaps if you gave us a bit more detail of the recipe that you are using and your methods and timing for dough development and proving, we might be able to offer some useful advice.

I assume that you have read SourDom's beginners blogs on this site.

Whatever you do though, don't despair.  You'll get there in the end.


Yeasterday 2012 May 22

Hello Farinam,

Thanks for your time. The recipe is from the Brother Junipers Bread Book,  "100% Whole wheat bread with polenta"

Made the sponge and it went well. Made the dough and the first rise was ok. Shaped the loaves and put them in the tin and then it would not rise. I followed all instructions caefully so as not to muck up. I have my own home made proving box whith temperature control etc, Still I make bricks.


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farinam 2012 May 22

Good morning yeasterday,

Not berry familiar with Brother Juniper I'm afraid.

Can you give us chapter and verse of exactly what (and when) you did in terms of ingredients, dough development, shaping and proving.  Also the temperature of your proving box.  If you happen to have any pictures of the process and product, that could help as well.

Hang in there.


HopesHope 2012 May 31

 It's sounds like you overproofed the dough.  


What I suggest is that you take the time it says to let it proof [the first time] and cut the time by 1/4.  So if it says to let it rise 1 1/2 hour, change that to 1 1/4 hour.   


Also wheat bread on its own does not rise, as it doesn't have enough gluten to give it that umph it needs.   you can do 2 things.   If the recipe says to add 500g of flour, make the wheat 150gr and the rest  a good white flour.   or

buy some wheat gluten and use 1 tablespoon[12g] for every 1 cup of flour [183g].


Don't give up, 


Take care 

Jeff 2012 May 31

 The yeast feeds on sugars in the dough which can become exhausted after a long proofing... Spend most of your time in the final rise, cut down proofing and first rise times...

Polenta 2012 May 31


Try the rest then give mine the test.

w/w flour is heavy on its own. Then adding polenta just makes it more heavy and wont have any gluten to help the dough. HopesHope quote on gluten has weight.

Just as farinam has said - without the recipie and process, it is very difficult to say.

Is your hydration correct. Were they specific on the polenta? Fine or course? (one takes more water)

Try substituting 20% of your w/w flour with some white bread flour or if you want a softer fluffier dough, use cake flour.

It might be advisable to add MORE yeast to your dough. Sounds like it is insuffiecient to carrry the second proof.

The poof has worn itself out to say. Make it stronger by adding more yeast.

Make sure your proof box is not too hot !!!!


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