Dough sticking to banneton


When I first started to use a banneton a few weeks ago, I had no problem with the dough sticking.

But almost every loaf now sticks, even though I dust it with flour (usally rye) as I did when I first got it.

Anyone got any idea's?.





It.s a cane one and I usually proof overnight in the fridge

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joshuacronemeyer 2011 February 23

Perhaps your dough is higher hydration these days?  Do you do anything to the bannetons after you bake?  Anyway, I've found that using some rice flour in the banneton makes a huge difference.  

gingazz 2011 February 23

The Hydration is more or less a constant. After i bake i just brush of any excess flour and leave it in warmish place to dry out. Thanx for the rice flour tip , i will try it tonight.



Ground rice is the same as rice flour isn't it?



andrewd 2011 February 23


Ground rice is the same as rice flour isn't it?



No, they are different. I've made that mistake.

Although, for the purposes of dusting bannetons, maybe the difference doesn't matter.


Postal grunt 2011 February 23

Try mixing some rice flour with the rye flour when you dust the banneton. It works like a charm for me, even after an 18 hour proofing in the refrigerator.

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skayc1 2011 February 25

humidity affects baking, maybe the air has more moisture in it, therefore your dough might need more flour.

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