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I am thinking of growing einkorn, as it is suppsoed to have a wonderful flavor, but I am unsure of how best to dehull it.  Any suggestions?

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farinam 2013 July 24


Seems a bit glib, I know, but that is what used to be done so without getting too hi-tech why not give it a go?

Good luck with your projects.


DVTO2 2013 July 29

Threshing and winnowing are necessary but not sufficient, as the grain must then be dehulled, and winnowed again.  I guess paleolithic folks used a motar and pestle.  I was just hoping there might be a more clever way to do this.  Commercial dehulling machines, like for spelt, are expensive.  There are some posts about modifying a hand grain mill with a rubber face on one of the grinding plates, but the only review of such a method was not very positive. 




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farinam 2013 July 29


I didn't realise that einkorn had a  persistent hull. 

Some sort of impact/crushing seems to be the go just to crack the hull away from the grain..  Maybe a lawn roller over a layer on concrete for larger quantities or a ceramic/stone rolling pin on a hard bench top for smaller quantities could be worth a try.  Failing that a gentle pounding in a mortar and pestle (perhaps with a wooden pestle) would be another alternative.

Good luck with your projects.


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