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I am fairly new to sourdough, my bread has great flavour but the texture is a bit cake like or crumbly, any suggestions?

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Karniecoops 2010 October 9

Bit hard to say without some more info.  Can you let us know the recipe you use, your ingredients, plus your technique/method, we can then maybe help you out.

kvanderaa 2010 October 9

Thanks for your responce.   My starter is around 3 months old and is very good and active .  I use 2 cups of starter (50/50) , 3 cups bread flour, one cup or so of water depending on the dough consistency, 4 teaspoon sugar and 2 teaspoons of salt, I mix (in mixer) for 10 minutes and the hand knead for 4 to 5 minutes,as I said, great flavour but a little on the crumbly side.   Thank you




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Karniecoops 2010 October 10

To start with, I'd recommend weighing your ingredients rather than going by the cupful.  Most recipes rely on a percentage of water to flour, but by weight, as a cup of water isn't the same weight as a cup of flour, and depending on what type of flour you use, the weight will also vary.

I'd suggest following one of the fantastic recipe's on this website for example "Home Bread" (Shiao-ping's recipes and instructions are always first class) or Ross's Pain de campagne (I have also blogged about a version of this, but haven't given explicit making instructions, Ross's are better) or the Norwich Sourdough  from the Wild Yeast website is also a great starting recipe.

They all use weights, and many suggested the "quick knead" and fold process rather than the continual kneading for a long period - allows the gluten to develop on its own, rather than forcing it through kneading.

Not many recipes call for sugar, while it will speed up fermentation, that's not necessarily what you want, so you can probably leave it out.

Give a couple of the above a try, and more than once - it does take a bit of practice - but you'll eventually be happy with both the taste and the crumb of your bread ......... I promise :o)

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LeadDog 2010 October 11

 The flour could be the problem even if it is called "Bread Flour"  you might try a different brand if the problem continues.

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