Can I overnight proof sourdough in a metal pan?


I normally bulk ferment on the counter, proof overnight in the fridge, then shape, proof and bake.   If I want to shape immediately after my bulk fermentation to proof in the fridge, will it work if the bread pan I choose is metal?  I'd like to try going directly from the fridge to the oven on those days when my time is limited.

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farinam 2014 February 6

Hello tinksquared,

I can't imagine that it would make any difference what sort of container you used.  The only difference between doing it in the fridge and on the bench is that it takes longer in the fridge.

Give it a go and good luck with your projects.


tinksquared 2014 February 10

Thank you for the response, but I'm under the impression that sourdough interacts with metal and they shouldn't be used together, but I wasn't sure if that mattered at this stage of the dough.

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farinam 2014 February 11

Hi tinksquared,

I think that is probably an urban legend.  Lots of people bake sourdough very successfully and safely in metal tins.  Although there are acids present in sourdough, they are very weak and dilute so any reaction would be absolutely minimal and in any case trace amounts of iron are probably good for you.

Here is just one link to someone who doesn't have a problem with using metal tins.

Keep on bakin' (in tins).


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