I have been baking bread for some time, The grand kids ask why isn't it white like the bread in the shops. I tell them its the colour of the yeast, as every thing else is very clean. So how do I get the bread white like it is in the shops. Thanking everyone who knows and shares this with the rest of us who don't know.

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farinam 2013 August 27

Hello oldman78,

I can't imagine wanting to emulate supermarket bread in any way, even to the extent of colour.

I have read something a while back, but I can't remember where, but I have a feeling that it was something related to the enzyme actions that go on in sourdough fermentation that don't get a chance to happen in commercial breads.  Another factor is that you might be using unbleached flour that is naturally a creamy colour and not pure white to start with.  I also read somewhere that it might be due to differences in the crumb structure affecting the way that light reflects/absorbs which is after all what we see.  Also, who knows what sort of whitening agents might be added that are hidden behind a number on the ingredients list which tends to be as long as your arm and not just flour, water and salt.

If you make a milk loaf you tend to get a whiter crumb.

You'll just have to convince the grandkids that off-white is best.

Good luck with your projects.


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highsky 2013 August 28

Take some seeds if you can, the ones that produce your flour of choice.


How you go from that to white is the critical question here.
And what is lost during that.

If you want to feed them with color and not quality and taste then go to the baker
that sells them the sponge and ask him to give you the same flour.
There are many types of flour.

Here in Greece, bakers are "forced" to make black whole wheat breads because customers have heard that the whole wheat is black!

There is so much lack in food knowledge that is scary!
There is a movie, Food Matters , you can find it on youtube and other sites

And there is Jamie if you like to read:

oldman78 2013 August 29

Hi, just to clear things up a little, I defenatly dont want supermarket bread or the other stuff they say is bread and good for you. just was wondering about the colour, I think my bread is great and those that don't can eat something else which leaves more for me win win init, thank a lot for taking the time to post Dave.

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