Black sugar

Can someone here tell me what black sugar is, please?  It appears as an ingredient in a cookie recipe in an Australian Women's Weekly cookbook, and I can't figure it out, though I did work out what 'scorched' peanuts are.
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Millciti 2009 February 17

It is a type of raw sugar made from cane juice grown in Okinawa. It sounds kind of interesting...   What'ch makin?


"Made in Taiwan with pure Sugar cane juice from Okinawa, Japan. which is famous for its raw pure sugar crane. Its high mineral content makes it so dark brown that it is known in Asia as Okinawan Black Sugar. The sugar brick is made with very little processing. Rich in Calcium, Iron and vitamines."

No, I didn't make a mistake in spelling.... I think there may have been a little translation error...

They also sell it.  Hope this helps.




PaddyL 2009 February 17
Black Sugar and Ginger Snaps they're called.  They look nice, with glace ginger as well as powdered ginger and the recipe makes 60, a good round number to suit the 'cookie monsters' in the family.  We love ginger biscuits, but the black sugar had me stumped.  I doubt I could find it here in Montreal.  Thanks for the reply.  I wonder if regular raw sugar could be substituted?
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Millciti 2009 February 18

You could probably use Sucanat which is likely closest to what the recipe calls for.  It wouldn't be quite as dark but it should have close to the same consistancy, the Sucanat that i have is dryer, not as sticky as brown sugar and has a nice molassas kick.  It is not as sweet as brown sugar in taste.  They sound great, you should post the recipe in the non sourdough section.

You could also go to the Oriental section of town or try and find a good local Asian market.  My son Josh said the Asians in Vancouver also use something similar called red sugar.  The minerals are what give the different colors to the sugar.

I also found this site which explains a little.



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