Gday all!

Im new to the whole sourdough thing and im keen as mustard to have a crack at doing my first sourdough loaf. I have my starter prepared and its now in the fridge waiting for me to get game enought to do the "first" loaf. What im wondering has anyone done a loaf in the BBQ? If so could you give me some tips and i would like to try doing it there!

BTW this site has a wealth of knowlegde here , really glad i found it!


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shasta 2013 January 27

Hi crackers,

i don't know what type of BBQ you have but I have made bread in a BBQ smoker (American Southern Style). You will want a pizza stone or clay tile to cook it on. Two issues to keep in mind.

1. (Smoke) If using charcoal or wood, you will have smoke to deal with.

2. (Heat) If your heat source is too close to the bottom of your bread it will burn the bottom.

This was my attempt.


Good luck!


GoneAsync 2013 January 27

I'd be concerned about it drying out too quickly -- perhaps you would have to up the hydration level a bit more than normal?


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shasta 2013 January 28

Yes, for steam I had a tray with some lava rock in it on to which I poured water as I placed the loaves on. That seemed to work fine. It was really the smoke more than anything else that was the issue.

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