Hi all,

I got 4 Bannetons for my Birthday last week, I am over the moon but I just wonder, can I proofe other breaddough than Sourdough

in them?



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PetraR 2013 November 8

Oh that is great, I was not sure cos the * Normal * bread with yeast rises faster and would go over the rim, I tried it last night.

Normal Proofing time for my Basic White with commercial yeast is 45 Minutes, it domed over the Rime, when I put it on the baking Tray it collapsed.

So I need to reduce the proofing time by a bit I guess. hmmm

My Sourdough came out beautifully:)

Electricboots 2013 November 11

Hi Petra,

I also use my bannetons for other bread, mainly hybrid ie granular yeast added to sourdough recipe when I have surplus starter and need bread in a hurry. Hybrid bread gets out of hand very easily in the bannetons, even 30 minutes can be the difference between good and flat when turned out. I try to go on the side of a bit underproofed and let the oven spring make up the difference. Once it is over the top edge of the banneton it is too late as it squashes when it hits the tray. I put the oven on when I transfer to banneton then when oven hits temp it is about ready to roll.


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