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Anybody got baking sheet recommendations? I'm having trouble finding one which doesn't warp or twist at 240-250 C degrees. Yesterday I went out and bought a thick Analon sheet which states on the packaging that it is good up to 260 C degrees. However, when baking yesterday it warped like crazy! It was no better than the sheet that came with the oven (which is about half the thickness).

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Adam T 2010 August 29

What are you baking on them to be using such a high temperature?

All of our bread at work is baked at a maximum of 235 degrees. We do occasionally get warping but they return to shape as they cool. 

rossnroller 2010 August 30

...why not just buy a pizza stone? Cheap, no warping, and they heat up with your oven to give your dough some extra spring during the initial stages of the bake.

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Gary1 2010 August 30

You said that you have a problem with a sheet warping, you said that you did not get it to hot. Do you know if your oven is set right, if you set it for 300 degrees is it 300 degrees. Do you have a problem with things not cook right, burning, not done at the right time. If you do get an oven thermostat and hang it in your oven, If the tempture is off, take the knob off and you will find a place to put a small striaght screwdriver, to raise or lower it.       

benh 2010 August 30

 I'm going to look at trying a pizza stone as my parents have one. The only problem is it is round and small (around 30cm across). Do you use any flour or cornmeal to stop the bread sticking? Also, what do you use to load the loaf onto the stone?


I haven't had problems with cooking other food so I don't think the oven temperature gauge is that inaccurate but it is something I will check out.

rossnroller 2010 August 30

If loading bread straight off peel, I use a light sprinkling of semolina to stop the dough sticking. Once it slips on to the pizza stone, there is no sticking by the time you rotate the loaf during the bake (15 minutes in, in my case). Occasionally it might still be sticking slightly @ the 15 minute mark, but if so, just give it some gentle persuasion, or a few more minutes baking and it will free itself.

If you do your final proof of your dough on baking paper, slip the lot into the oven off your peel (or off the back of a cookie sheet). No sticking problems with baking paper. I jerk the paper out from under the bread when rotating @ 15 minute mark, so the bread finishes the rest of the bake directly on the stone.

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