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Has anyone read this book and what do you think - Baking Problems Solved by Stanley Cauvain and Linda Young. Any other good basic books out there that touch on these matters.


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Danubian 2007 July 2

I’m not familiar with that particular text but I did browse the contents on Google Books [url=,M1][b]HERE[/b][/url].
If you're looking for knowledge on 'conventional' bread making - I use the word 'conventional' in this context to convey what is considered to be the accepted bread making technology in modern baking - there are plenty of excellent books. Here’s three examples. There are plenty of English books also that are very good too.

• Bread Research Institute of Australia, Staff Published 1989. [b]AUSTRALIAN BREADMAKING HANDBOOK[/b], University of New South Wales Press ISBN 0908237367

• E.J. Pyler, 1988, [b]BAKING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Vol 1 & 2[/b]

• Schunemann, Claus & Treu, Gunter. BAKING: THE ART AND SCIENCE, Baker Tech ISBN: 096937450X

Good luck.

Panevino 2007 July 27

Hey Boris, I just plied through the Pyler Vol 1. It will require many more reads but I found it to be excellent. Clear writing. Thankfully he links up the theory to baking. While complex and a little over my head, it nevertheless opened my eyes to the intricate nature of bread baking and some of it's principles. Very motivational. I ordered Vol 2 and look forward to its arrival. I'll then move on to the other suggestions. Thanks for the leads.



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