This is bad isn't it?


Hi All


I have now created a sourdough culture twice.  it has been going beautifully and I was stirring it every other day.


On both cultures, I have missed a day of stirring and when I came to look at it, it had developed a dry thick top surface.  the surface looks like a pancake but doesn't look nice. 


When this happend with the first culture I chucked it all and started again.  Now its happened with the second I just want to check that I shouldn't just scrape it off and transfer the remaining culture into a new jar and continue.


advice gratefully received

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farinam 2012 October 15

Hi arcticfox,

Do you have any sort of cover on your container?  If not I would suggest either getting a wide mouthed container with a loose fitting lid or use GladWrap to cover what you are using.  This will prevent any surface drying, which sounds like what might be going on.

When you said you were stirring it every other day, I assume that means you have been feeding it at that frequency?

Can I ask if you have read SourDom's beginners blog.  If not then you should also make that a priority.

Good luck with your projects.


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