Why Dough Loves Salt


Hi Graham

As promised so why is salt important.

1. In bread as in most food it brings out flavour but it does alot more than that...

2. It slows down fermantation , this allows dough to develop its flavour and texture, thus theoretically can be added later in the fermentation process. Without salt an overnight dough one that produces irregular whole structure and is a good risen loaf would be impossible...the dough would be ready to go in the oven long beofre baking time.

3. Salt stabilizes and toughens gluten, strengthening the dough for shaping

4. It prevents the oxidation of the flour ie: It preserves the natural off white colour of the flour by protecteing against oxidation during mixing process. Tuscan bread is made without salt, slice into one of these loaves and youll see the colour is bright white, the texture of their bread is drier and flavour saltless. Salt retains or rather attracts water thus you end up with a moist loaf that goes stale less quickly.

Hope this is what you didnt already know ?

See you soon and thank you for the the bakery chat may need you to email me the percentage calculation I have forgotten already

Cheers Leah


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