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By now, I had the feeling that I wanted to try something different.  So what better, I thought than to try a differeent type of loaf as well as experimenting with the general run of techniques.

On the technique front, there were no great changes.  My schedule sort of dictated that I make use of the fridge again so that I could have a fresh loaf available for an evening meal and still be able to partake of a morning game of golf.  So as for the previous run, it was about four fridge day old starter into the dough preparation stage.  I followed an unchanged procedure but I was a little concerned through the process as the dough seemed to be a bit more slack than I was used to.

For a change I decided to try for a batarde rather than the plain round style for my previous efforts.  My 'make-do' banneton was an elongated cane basket that we have used in the past to serve bread at table.  Just lined it with the rye floured tea-towel so no fancy impressions/patterns on the loaf.  The other new thing was the large plastic bag for enclosing while in the fridge - a vacuum clothes storage bag.  Seemed ideal - large enough and with a good seal.  Not sure what would have happened if I had vacuumed it - perhaps it might have inhibited the rise /;-{)}

Anyhow, after about 16 hrs in the fridge, the dough looked nicely risen, so when the oven was up to temp it was a matter of slashing and popping it in.  Just a few reservations after the observation of the slightly slacker feel during processing.

The outcome was a very nice looking loaf of bread.  Slightly asymmetrical, possibly due to the positioning of the slashes, but what the heck, it tasted just fantastic and the guests loved it.

Unfortunately just discovered a problem accessing my picture so I will post this and edit the picture in later when I have sorted out the problem - sorry about that.

Here it is!



pollyanne 2011 February 24

Looks great, Farinam.  Thanks for the detailed description; helps us all as we are trying to find our way.  Love the phrase "slightly slacker feel"  :  )     Polly

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