Semolina sourdough bread


I baked this yesterday, inspired by Susan's writeup on Wild Yeast. I usually do sourdough breads that include rye and/or wholewheat or other grains - rarely all-white ones. Sometimes, though, I tire of the tooth-testing crusts on many of my regular SD breads. Until now, whenever I feel like a thinner crust bread I've returned to my pain de campagne. But this one of Susan's looked great from her pics and I liked the sound of it as she described it. So...thought I'd give it a go.



 crumb shot

(submitted to yeastspotting)

This was a very nice bread - excellent for sandwiches, and toasted well. I found the semolina enhanced the flavour, elevating it above the other white SDs I've made. There was a mild tang submerged beneath the surface, the crust was thin, crisp and yummy, and the crumb was soft and elastic, but had good structure. I'll be making this one again.


The original recipe is here. I made a few tweaks. Will post them if anyone is interested. Otherwise, just follow Susan's directions and make your own tweaks - if any - as you see fit.


Cheers all


rossnroller 2010 November 1

[quote=Wild Yeast]

 You got a really beautiful crumb on this! I'm glad you liked the recipe. Thanks for sending to YeastSpotting![/quote]

Thanks for your comment, Susan. Both times I've submitted a pic to Yeastspotting I've left it too late and missed the deadline for the current week. Stern note to self: be more organized next time.

rossnroller 2010 November 1

I made 3 tweaks, other than leaving off the seeds (which was more a case of laziness than a wilful tweak!).

1. I halved the weight of olive oil to 30gm.

2. For my final proof, I retarded overnight in the fridge immediately after shaping; baked straight out of the fridge next morning.

3. Reduced the temperature of the bake slightly to 225C, and the duration by 3 minutes (still followed Susan's directions to let the loaf sit 10 minutes once the bake was finished, with the oven door ajar)



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