My new passion


Well, the 'sourdough virus' is in me, but I DON'T WANNA GET RID OF IT!

All started last year, when I tried to make a Panettone... I've built my 'lievito naturale', and i've tried to make it. Obvious, nothing ....I was dissapointed... But, after a week or so, i've seen some activity in that 'thing'm, and i fed it. And YES, it was growing, my heart was growing too... 'till i've tried making a bread... and it was awful... sour, bitter, stinky... but i didn't throw the starter.


After a few months i tried again... and that Panettone came much more better...


And now, in these times, as I felt alone, depressed and without ocupation, I tried to make a bread... It wasn't very good, but acceptable, and i did a research on the internet, and i found THIS SITE!

And now, today, after the first loaf made by this site indications (which -the loafs picture- could be found here :, it came out like this :

I am just ... AMAZED!

Thank you all!


Muff 2010 October 19

When you follow directions?

I'm gonna hafta try that someday.

Your bread is beautiful. Keep it up.


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