Anonymous posting!

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I just thought I'd let you all know that I have enabled anonymous commenting. This means that anyone can now add a comment to a forum topic, blog entry, recipe etc, without the hassle of signing up. 92% of visits to the site are by anonymous users, hopefully this gives them a voice.



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celia 2008 December 30

....every other board I've ever been on has removed anonymous posting, simply because it invariably leads to enormous numbers of spam/nasty posts.  If you're going to be allowing it, your moderator will really have to be on the ball...

Hope it works out ok...

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Maedi 2009 January 2
I hope so too. So far so good, there's been a few anonymous comments and they've all been great. I've also put in a CAPTCHA to stop spam and bots, so far so good...


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