"Local Breads" - Genzano Potato Pizza

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The recipe for this dough is just the same as for Genzano Country Bread (see my previous post -  http://sourdough.com/blog/local-breads-Genzano-country-bread). The dough is prepared the same, kneaded the same, and fermented the same.

Kneaded dough:

I do believe in my previous blog I forgot to mention that after the first 1.5hrs of fermenting you gently press the dough down in the centre (to slightly deflate), the pull it up around the sides (while its in the bowl). This is about as good as a fold gets with such a slack dough! Then you leave it to ferment for another 1.5hrs.

Fermented dough:

 So while your dough is fermenting you can prepare your other ingredients:

 - slice 4 potatoes thinly (I didn't peel mine, but hey had nice thin skins, so your choice)

- slice one medium onion- chop about 1/4c  fresh rosemary- have your sea salt handy Once your ferment is finished, oil a baking sheet with olive oil, then tip out your dough on to it. Oil your hands and gently stretch/press your dough out to the edges of the baking sheet.  Mine needed a couple of 10min rests as it kept shrinking back. But be gentle as you don't want to tear the dough.  Once the dough is the right size (and about 1/2 inch or 1cm thick), brush over a light coat of olive oil; layer on your potato slices; sprinkle over your onions, rosemary and sea salt.

 Ready to bake:

You will of course have heated your oven as hot as she goes (500F) at least 30mins prior to baking time! Now you can slide your pizza into the oven. Bake it until the potatoes and onion are tinged town, and the crust is golden. Mine took about 30mins.Ready to eat:I shared mine with a friend for dinner once it had called down enough not to singe our fingers! It was wonderfullly tasty and went down very well with a couple of cold beers!


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farinam 2012 April 29

I do a similar one, officially called Pizza Rustica according to my source though I think I called it Pizza Provencale the last time I mentioned it, but it doesn't have the onion.  That'll be on the list for next time.

Keep on bakin'


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