Family XMAS bake


I love this time of year, I am allowed to take over the kitchen and bake my little heart out.  This XMAS 

  • Pan A l'ancienne rustica
  • Wholemeal Rye with molasses, orange peel, fenugreek, anise and caraway. Adapted from the great recipe on
  • Regular white SD with 20% Rye
  • Regular white SD with 10% Rye

Flours: Eden Valley Bakers White, Powlett Hill Sifted White and Wholemeal Rye.  I sifted the wm Rye for the regular white loaves.

All loaves approx 75% hydration

You might notice in the background the best present ever my partner got me when he was in Paris earlier this year....a Poilane bread knife (bread geeks will understand LOL)



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