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 Hi, I haven't been on here for a while; our temperatures are slightly cooling in Brisbane so it seems worth ramping up the baking a bit.

This weekend I had a go at making the "Thom Leonard's Country French Loaf" (from the Gleezer book). I've never tried a loaf anywhere near this size (about 1.8kg after baking), but the two loaves turned out really well. Suddenly realised I was out of white flour, so the flour combo was a bit odd:

- Preferment made with the last of my bakers flour and some rye.

- 500g Atta flour (per loaf, I had a 1kg bag lying around)

- 250g sieved wholemeal flour to remove the bran and simulate high-extraction.

- 250g fine semolina, to make up the quota

- some rye

Fed the sourdough culture Saturday afternoon, and made the preferment late Saturday night - it was looking great on Sunday morning. Made the dough Sunday morning, hand kneaded with the French Fold. It had about 3.5 hours for the first rise (with a couple of stretch/folds in the first half hour), and a good 3 hours or so for the final rise. Baked the 2 loaves in the oven at the same time, with a pizza stone on each shelf - the oven was pretty full! Happy with the result, it has loads of flavour:


Mick, Brisbane


HVHB 2011 March 22

 That's quite a nice looking loaf.  What does it look like inside?  I've been wondering about atta flour as an adjunct.  



alexandra75 2011 March 23

that looks so nice, how much water and startet did you use?

Could we see a picture of the inside? although I am pretty sure its probably all gone by now.

Millciti's picture
Millciti 2011 March 24

Fine Semolina or Durum I am familiar with but what is Atta?  Do please put up a crumb shot :) if you got one of course!



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