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Maedi and I and family have been establishing an artisan baking centre in Tasmania, Australia.
The centre comprises: 

Companion Bakery, Callington Mill, the Artisan Baker Association and, of course, this website.

Companion Bakery has become very busy lately. We need a baker urgently to help share the load. This is an absolutely amazing opportunity for someone who is immersed or would like to become immersed in artisan baking. We only do sourdough, using freshly ground Organic flour from Callington Mill, and no additives.

Our oven is a large Alan Scott wood-fired oven, with a boiler used to inject steam where appropriate. We work during the day as much as possible. Accomodation is available.


Please email [email protected]



joshuacronemeyer 2011 January 7

I paid a visit to Graham and Maedi when I visited Australia, and it was a pleasure to speak with them and to see them working.  Graham is extremely knowledgeable and he is making world class breads.   He is also building a world class baking ecosystem.  You have to see Callington Mill to believe it!  Truly awesome.  It was refreshing to speak with a baker who was happy to share his techniques and 'secrets'.  And his plans for the mill and the ABA knocked my socks off. Truly, there are few places in the world that can match Oatlands, Tasmania when it comes to baking resources.  Which is why out of all the places I visited in 11 months of travel through Australia, Oatlands was one of the most memorable. Best of luck Graham and Maedi!  Wish I could answer the call, but my family and I live in California now.

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Adam T 2011 January 10

 This would be a wonderful opportunity. Would love to pay a visit some time. I would jump at the chance if I didn't have any other commitments. 

molifemo 2011 January 12


Not an apprentce actually, but I'd like to learn more about sourdough and bakery jobs...


I've sent Maedi email, but no answer yet...



Hhiggins 2011 January 26

It pleases me greatly to see this. I am curently about to start my last year of high school but can't wait to emmerse myself in artisan baking. I plan on going to Willim Angliss and doing their Bakery course or trying to get an apprentership. There is nothing that makes me happier than coming home from school or work (I work at a green grocer and deli) and heading into the kitchen to get the dough going. The smell and taste of the freshly baked bread is unrivaled, especially when you rip off the crust to hear the delicious crunch of the crust and the still hot insides steam, the yeasty scent wafting upwards with the heat. Hopefully in 2012/13 I can find such a dedicated bakery to help share with me their art and passion. Thank you for continuing such a magnificent tradition.

CayoKath 2011 January 26

It appears you could have a whole herd of apprentices if you so choose.  What a wonderful opportunity for whomever at whatever level you decide.  Just keep this wonderful website going!  If I thought I could swing it with the wicked financial crush we're recovering from here, I'd be on your doorstep beggin' for the chance. 

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Maedi 2011 January 27

Job is still open for those insterested in applying. Just remember that working in a real bakery is hard work!

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Graham 2012 February 9

Companion Bakery now has a great baker, who is employed until May 2012. We did try out a number of qualified people but ended up training someone with no previous sourdough bread making experience. Training took about 5 weeks, and in return our new baker will stay with us for 6 months (the maximum her visa will allow).

We have set up a new web camera in the bakery. As soon as it is live on this site I will introduce you to Cynthia, who is French and has been traveling for around 10 years. We are so happy that Cynthia chose us for one of her longer stops, starting as a WWOOFER, and now working as a full time employee. Thank you Cynthia!


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