Anaglyphic Bread

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No!  It's not some new type of cure-all, health giving, never-fail bread recipe.  But you will need some of those red and blue 3-D glasses to appreciate it.

I've been pfaffing around with some photo editing software and thought I would try my hand at some slightly tricky things as well as making delicious bread. 

Here is the result.  Hope at least some of you can appreciate it.



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farinam 2011 August 21

But it's taking a bit longer.  You might just have to use your imagination for the time being /;-{)}


Chatty Silvers 2011 September 6

 This is the first anaglyphic bread reference I've found, and it looks like your sourdough was going anaglyphic about the same time as our pone. On behalf of The Order Of The Anaglyphic Pone King, Welcome and congratulations on yer yummy looking sourdough (even if the anaglyph made my eyes ache). Maybe it was just too early for red/blue glasses. The only things I've come up with so far that approach sourdough are my bacon/sauerkraut buttermilk cornbread and the one that fired me up to get my blogs organized, my recent Reuben Style cornbread. While pale by comparison to real sourdough, these come together in my tiny kitchen in less than two hours including cleanup. Do you know anything about sauerkraut sourdough? The Big Sky Bakery in Mountain Brook Al (so close you gotta be from here to know it's not Birmingham) makes a sauerkraut sourdough I managed to get hold of once. It made scary good french toast, but in general I think it takes a letter of introduction to get any. When I went there and asked about it , they said they only make it once a week and people are lined up at the door waiting for it to cool. Now that's something I'd wrestle yeasts for.


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farinam 2011 September 6

I'm afraid that Cornpone is a bit out of my ken, Chatty. So I'll have to take your word for it.

Similarly, for sauerkraut sourdough, though I am sure that there will be somebody out there who will be able to help out.

Sorry about the sore eyes - perhaps it was something you drank /;-{)}


panfresca 2011 September 6

...tried baking this anaglyphic bread by using grey buckwheat and red sorghum... got close but not quite. Maybe my starter hydration was wrong.

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