I am just amazed by the ordinary Hungarian flour. I am traveling these days, and i took some starter with me (in the airplane :P ). I arrived in Romania today (yes, Hungarian flour in Romania, Transilvania better.... ), i've just fed my starter, and after the first 10 minutes, it is bubbling! AMAZING! The ordinary (supermarket, cheapest flour, has 12.3 proteins / 100 g). 

I'll take a lot of flour with me, is much more cheep and it seems that my starter loves it!


Have a good day ya all!


apsleybakery 2010 October 31

A very old document called "Report on Vienna Bread" by Eben Norton Horsford extolls the virtues of Hungarian wheat.  You can download this document from Google Books for free and it is quite facinating. Written for the 1873 Vienna International Exhibition, it goes into a great deal of detail on the nature of wheat and how breads are made.

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