Bread Making From Below


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Karniecoops 2010 April 22

Wow!  That was so great!  it was kind of like watching you make a big mess on a window, add in a WHOLE bunch of water, smootch it all up into even more of a mess, then use the mess to clean the window!  The dough looked like it had a high % of water, but you turned it into a beautiful stretchy, supple dough in such a short space of time with no oiling (except the stuff you added to the dough) or flouring of the work surface!

Can I ask what the hydration of the dough was?  And what sort of bread was it?

Thanks Tom for a quite different perspective on making a loaf!


Tom_Herbert_ 2010 April 26

 Hi K.

I'm glad you liked the video. 

The recipe I made is a typical pizza dough. It is has 4% olive oil (added at 2min 44 seconds), and 57% water.

peace and loaf,


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