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HOBBS HOUSE at home - downloadable bread making videos, TASTER

  In 2001 Tom Herbert started sharing his knowledge and passion for baking with regular bread making courses.
In response to unprecedented demand for Tom's Bread Making Courses at the famous Hobbs House Bakery, four of the most popular and successful loaves have been filmed and made available as a download. 
This clip is a taster of what's in store for anyone that wants to enjoy baking simple, successful and tasty bread at home.
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bakinginquito 2011 February 17

Hi from Quito (Ecuador) and congratulations for your video: you've been able to summarize in just one minutes a lot of ideas and invite any beginner to a fantastic adventure: bread making! I'm Paolo, born in Italian but living here in Ecuador since 1989, so I coud say i' m half italian/half ecuadorian...during the last 3 years I like to bake at leat a couple of times a week my home bread with sourdough, previously I was used at using dry yeast, but it's easy to realize the difference of quality bread sourdough can make..did I undestand well? Your sourdough is 90 years feel proud of mine which is just 3 years old...Feel free to contact me anytime, just in case, my skype user: rocioypa1...Happy baking and cheers

Cordovez 2011 August 14

Ciao, Yo tabien soy de Ecuador (Guayaquil), pero vivo en Irlanda y en 4 Dias me mudo a Paris. EsPero aprender mas en Paris.

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