sourdough starter

chef vs. levain & how to adapt my starter to other recipes

i received a chef from a friend who took a baking class (where he got his starter). the process he gave me is a little different...


First attempt sourdough! As well as a guide to the smells of a sourdough starter more

Starter split?

Hi experts, looking for advice on day 2-3 of my sourdough starter. It is growing nicely, has bubbled and smells pretty fruity/...

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I'm a failure at making a starter :(

I mixed up a starter (1 cup flour, 1 cup water, and cheated by adding a pinch of yeast) last week. The first day it got all...


Initial Starter-

I am trying my novice hand at sourdough, I have bought the books, read the websites and am taking the plunge. I Built my proofing...


Just starting - confused

Hi, Thanks for a great forum....just stumbled upon this today! I have just made my first ever starter this morning and was hoping...


Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

I've been baking with Sourdough Starter for just under three months now. After many early flops, I'm finally managing to turn out a nice...Read more


Using a recipe that calls for a different hydration starter...

I have a very happy starter, which I keep at a fairly low hydration and use more-or-less daily for my go-to recipe. No problem...


First Ever Starter! Have I killed it?

I have just started with making sourdough although I have been baking for a few years. My starter is 100% Organic Rye with 150%...


Throw it out??:(

My sourdough starter is 2+ weeks old. Everything has been going beautifully and I've cooked with it daily for about 12 days now...

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